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Many factors can play a role in determining your eligibility for coverage including your financial need, personal and family medical history.

You may be required to submit to a collection of medical evidence, including the testing of vital body fluids. Insurance companies will also routinely request a current summary report from your physician which will fully outline your health history. Other requirements may be imposed.

It is possible that someone who applies for a Life Insurance policy and is accepted may find that due to their individual family history, they may be eligible for Critical Illness coverage.

This is why barrons is so excited to be able to present the option of Critical Illness insurance without medicals and tests. In fact, with few exceptions your coverage is guaranteed to be approved.

If you are interested in a more comprehensive Critical Illness insurance solution and would  like to discuss the many applications for Critical Illness insurance or to receive quotes for amounts up to $2,000,000  contact a licensed advisor.

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Read up on Critical Illness Insurance and how it can benefit you. Learn More Now.

FutureSafe - Guaranteed Issue Critical Illness Insurance and how it can benefit you. Learn More Now.

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Evaluate how much Critical Illness Insurance you really need through the Needs Analysis Calculator.

Guaranteed Issue Critical Illness Insurance - No Medical Exam Required:

Manulife Financial: Quote & Buy Now  
“Lifecheque Basic Critical Illness Insurance”

FutureSafe - AXA Assurances Inc.: Quote & Buy Now.
Flyer and paper application: Download Now 

Blue Cross: Quote & Buy Now
*Ontario Residents Only

Simplified Issue Critical Illness Insurance:

Health Security Plus - Unity Life of Canada: Quote & Buy Now

If you have determined that your Critical Illness Insurance needs are greater then the limits available with the guaranteed solution we would suggest that you contact barrons so that we may help you with an evaluation and recommendation or the simplified solution. This service is Free, so please click on the link below to be connected with a Barron’s advisor.

I need advice. I wish to Contact a Licensed Advisor.

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