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Change is a part of life. Change is inevitable and can be positive, often leading to new and interesting paths in life. However, when a change also involves the loss of your group employee benefits, whether through a career change, retirement or job loss, it can quickly compromise your peace-of-mind and your family’s future financial security.

A Group Insurance Continuation Plan is the solution which has been specifically designed for these types of situations. There are no medical examinations, and applying for coverage is fast and easy.

To qualify, your group employee benefits must have terminated within 60 days of applying for the Continuation Plan.

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Group Insurance Continuation Plans:

Manulife Financial: Quote and Buy Now

Blue Cross: Quote Now.
*Ontario Residents Only

Great West Life: (Ages 50 to 75) Quote Now.

Group Life Insurance Continuation Only:

In some situations you may only wish to retain the life insurance coverage that you had with your Group Insurance plan. While there are options available to you for the conversion of your group life insurance, there are often limitations as to the type of plan that you can convert into.

FollowMe™ Life coverage is fast and easy solution to this problem.
You are eligible to apply for the FollowMe™ Life plan if:

  • you are between the ages of 18 and 69 years.
  • you are a Canadian resident.
  • you are not ill or injured at the time your group life coverage ends.

Your spouse is also eligible to apply for a coverage amount equal to or less than the coverage he or she had under your group life plan.

If you have concerns about your ability to qualify for personal life insurance this plan may be the perfect solution for you. Remember, you must apply within 60 days of your group life insurance ending, and no medical questionnaire or exam is required!

For more information about FollowMe™ Life coverage: Click Here.

If you are healthy and believe you are able to qualify for personal life insurance we have other options for you to consider as well. Click here for more information.

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