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Having the right life insurance protection can make a big difference in your life and the lives of those close to you.

Barrons wants to give you access to the many options relating to life insurance available in the marketplace today:

  • A market quotation service which will allow you to obtain a survey of various types of term insurance offerings from leading Canadian insurance companies.
  • Guaranteed Life Insurance. No medical exam or questionnaire is required! Your acceptance for coverage is guaranteed with rates that will never go up – regardless of your health or age.

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Read about various types of Life Insurance and how they can benefit you. Learn More Now.

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Evaluate how much Life Insurance you really need with our Needs Analysis Calculator.

Compare the quotes from leading insurance companies. Quote Now.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance - No Medical Exam Required:

Manulife Financial: Quote & Buy Now.
"Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance"
Unity Life of Canada: Quote Now.

Blue Cross: Quote & Buy Now.
*Ontario Resitents Only

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Apply For Insurance

Apply for Life Insurance. Please note there are a limited number of insurance companies that currently allow you to purchase online. For those that don’t, we require personal contact information and the appropriate documentation will be sent to you.

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I need advice. I wish to Contact a Licensed Advisor.


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